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Stefan Zucker - Life and Career
... by means of comments called in during musical segments) were highly focused on great singers and singing technique ... Several opera singers considered to be greats of their age joined Zucker in the studio for long interviews that featured in depth discussion of the physical technique of voice production, musical and ... Opera Fanatic, which once boasted a nude centerfold and speculated that singer Aprile Millo might be the daughter of President Kennedy ...
Anita Kerr - Discography - Various Releases - The Mexicali Singers LPs
... Featuring The Anita Kerr Singers The Mexicali Singers The Further Adventures of the Mexicali Singers 'The Mexicali Singers Ride Again ...
Die Lollipops - History
... they maintain girls between the ages of about 11 and 16 as singers ... Most of the time, there are two lead singers with occasional accompaniments by other singers who are not named for a short time there were three main singers ...
Super Moonies - Singers
... Super Moonies consisted of the singer Bianca Hanif (known as "Kisu", from the Japanese word for "kiss") and two dancers Gabriela Gottschalk (now a member of the band Hot ...
List Of Mc Donald's Ad Programs - Jingles - McDonald's Menu Song - Promotion Overview
... On all but one of the issued recordings, the singers were not able to recite the song perfectly from start to finish when the singers made a mistake, the record ... On the unique, prize-winning recording, the singers were able to complete the song this record was a $1,000,000 instant winner ...

Famous quotes containing the word singers:

    O you singers solitary, singing by yourself, projecting me,
    O solitary me listening, never more shall I cease perpetuating you
    Never more shall I escape, never more the reverberations,
    Never more the cries of unsatisfied love be absent from me,
    Never again leave me to be the peaceful child I was before what
    there in the night,
    By the sea under the yellow and sagging moon,
    The messenger there aroused, the fire, the sweet hell within,
    The unknown want, the destiny of me.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    In spring more mortal singers than belong
    To any one place cover us with song.
    Thrush, bluebird, blackbird, sparrow, and robin throng....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)