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Protection Of Military Remains Act 1986
... The Act provides for two types of protection protected places and controlled sites ... Military aircraft are automatically protected but vessels have to be specifically designated ... designation is to protect as a 'war grave' the last resting place of UK servicemen (or other nationals), however, the act does not require the loss of the vessel to ...
Protection Of Military Remains Act 1986 - History of Designations Under The Act - Second Tranche Including Battle of Jutland Wrecks
... UK ships lost in that battle were being designated as protected places ... the wrecks and added a further 29 protected places and 1 controlled site (the SM UB-81 (2)) ... HMS Sheffield was one of the protected places added ...
Protection Of Military Remains Act 1986 - Protection Under The Act - Protected Places
... Wrecks are designated by name and can be designated as protected places even if the location of the site is not known ... a UK military aircraft is automatically a protected place even if the physical remains have not been previously discovered or identified ... Shipwrecks need to be specifically designated, and designation as a protected place applies only to vessels that sank after 4 August 1914 (the date of the United Kingdom's entry into the ...

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