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Believers (ビリーバーズ, Biriibaazu?) is a Japanese seinen manga by Naoki Yamamoto and is his first weekly serial manga created entirely without the help of any assistants. Believers was first serialized in Weekly Big Comic Spirits between May and November 1999 and is published in two tankōbon by Shogakukan. The plot to Believers revolves around themes of sexual desire and the line between dreams and reality. While Believers contains many scenes of graphic sexuality, the sex and nudity is used intellectually and not merely as fan service.

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Saint Ambrosii Of Belaya Krinitsa - Introduction
... The Old Believers (also called Ancient Orthodox) are those Christians who separated from the Russian Orthodox church in protest against church reforms introduced by Patriarch Nikon of ... Some of the Old Believers migrated to Siberia others to Romania ... Over time, the Old Believers founded a center at the monastery of Belaya Krinitsa ("White Fountain") in Bukovina, then part of Austria-Hungary, now in Ukraine ...
Saint Ambrosii Of Belaya Krinitsa
... Ambrosii or Amvrosii (Russian) (1791–1863) was the first Old Believers' Metropolitan of the Ancient Orthodox Church ... He became a bishop in 1835, and converted to the Old Believers in 1846, thus establishing a full Church Hierarchy of the Old Believers ...
Calvary Baptist School (Wisconsin) - Doctrinal Statement
... from sin and trusting Jesus alone for salvation that a believer is a new creature, therefore, should live a holy, clean and pure life by the power of God that God’s work is fulfilled by ...
Among The Believers: An Islamic Journey
... Among the Believers An Islamic Journey is a book by the Nobel laureate V ... Among the Believers An Islamic Journey 1st edition Author(s) V ...
Believers - Notes and References
... All words with quotation marks are used intentionally, as they represent gibberish words "believers" use in their speech that must be translated into normal Japanese to read ... 「ビリーバーズ」(Believers) v1 February, 2000 Shogakukan ... 「ビリーバーズ」(Believers) v2 March, 2000 Shogakukan ...

Famous quotes containing the word believers:

    Agnosticism is a perfectly respectable and tenable philosophical position; it is not dogmatic and makes no pronouncements about the ultimate truths of the universe. It remains open to evidence and persuasion; lacking faith, it nevertheless does not deride faith. Atheism, on the other hand, is as unyielding and dogmatic about religious belief as true believers are about heathens. It tries to use reason to demolish a structure that is not built upon reason.
    Sydney J. Harris (1917–1986)

    Discourses on humility are a source of pride in the vain and of humility in the humble. So those on scepticism cause believers to affirm. Few men speak humbly of humility, chastely of chastity, few doubtingly of scepticism.
    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

    Great believers are always reckoned infidels, impracticable, fantastic, atheistic, and really men of no account. The spiritualist finds himself driven to express his faith by a series of skepticisms.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)