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Timeline Of Germanic Kingdoms In The Iberian Peninsula - 5th Century
... 409 Invasion of the NW of the Iberian peninsula (the Roman Gallaecia) by the Germanic Suevi (Quadi and Marcomanni) under king Hermerico, accompanied by the Buri ... official recognition (Foedus) from the Romans for their settlement there in Gallaecia ... It was the first kingdom separated from the Roman Empire that minted coins ...
List Of Roman And Byzantine Empresses
... This is a list of women who were Roman Empress, i.e ... the wife of the Roman Emperor, the ruler of the Roman Empire ... The Romans had no single term for the position Latin and Greek titles such as Augusta (derived from the first emperor Augustus), Caesarissa or Kaisarissa (derived from ...
List Of State Leaders In 423 - Europe
... Theodoric, King of the Visigoths (419–451) Galicia - Hermeric, King of Galicia (409-438) Western Roman Empire Honorius, Western Roman Emperor (395–423) Joannes, Usurper (423 ...
460 – died after 476, possibly alive around 500), is sometimes considered the last Western Roman Emperor (although by other accounts the last Western Roman Emperor was Julius Nepos), reigning from 31 October ... by Odoacer traditionally marks the end of the Western Roman Empire, the fall of ancient Rome, and the beginning of the Dark ages in Western Europe ... the magister militum (master of soldiers) of the Roman army after deposing the previous emperor Julius Nepos ...
History Of The East–West Schism - Origins - Empires East and West
... Disunion in the Roman Empire further contributed to disunion in the Church ... divided the administration of the eastern and western portions of the Empire in the early 4th century, though subsequent leaders (including Constantine) aspired to and ... as the official religion of the Roman Empire (see Edict of Thessalonica), was the last Emperor to rule over a united Roman Empire ...

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    The Roman Empire stood appalled:
    It dropped the reins of peace and war
    When that fierce virgin and her Star
    Out of the fabulous darkness called.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    So-called Western Civilization, as practised in half of Europe, some of Asia and a few parts of North America, is better than anything else available. Western civilization not only provides a bit of life, a pinch of liberty and the occasional pursuance of happiness, it’s also the only thing that’s ever tried to. Our civilization is the first in history to show even the slightest concern for average, undistinguished, none-too-commendable people like us.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)