WD may refer to:

  • the code for County Waterford, Ireland
  • DAS Air Cargo IATA code
  • Wardair defunct IATA code
  • WD postcode area, England
  • Band 3, a protein
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division
  • Walt Disney
  • War Department, a department of the United Kingdom, who stamped equipment, provisions, etc. with the letters "W.D."
  • WD-40, a penetrating oil spray
  • Web Dynpro
  • Weekday
  • "Well done" (internet slang)
  • Western Digital, a computer storage manufacturer
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada, a Canadian government agency
  • White Dwarf, a compact star in astronomy
  • White Dwarf (magazine)
  • Wilts & Dorset, a southern England bus operator
  • Winn Dixie
  • Withdrawal
  • Wikidot, a social networking service and wiki hosting service
  • Working directory
  • Working Draft, a stage in standardization process used by International Organization for Standardization
  • Whipple's disease, a rare, systemic infectious disease caused by the bacterium Tropheryma whipplei
  • Dodge Durango

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2007 WD5 is a 50 m (160 ft) Apollo-class near-Earth object and a Mars-crosser asteroid discovered on 20 November 2007 by Andrea Boattini of the Catalina Sky Survey ... Early observations of 2007 WD5 caused excitement amongst the scientific community when it was estimated as having as high as a 1 in 25 chance of colliding with Mars on 30 January 2008 ...
Super Soft X-ray Source - Nova
... three SSXSs with bolometric luminosity of ~1038 erg/s that are novae GQ Mus (BB, MW), V1974 Cyg (WD, MW), and Nova LMC 1995 (WD) ... a recurrent nova as of 1999 unobserved by ROSAT, is a WD (74-76 eV), Lbol ~ (8-60) x 1036 erg/s, with an orbital period of 1.2306 d ...
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