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Gravitational Waves

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Researchers believe that gravitational waves also travel through space, although gravitational waves have never been directly detected. Not to be confused with gravity waves, gravitational waves are disturbances in the curvature of spacetime, predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity.

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... new type of telescope is one that detects gravitational waves ripples in space-time generated by colliding neutron stars and black holes ...
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... Orbital lifetime is one of the most important properties of gravitational radiation sources ... Short lifetime binaries are strong sources of gravitational radiation but are few in number ... Long lifetime binaries are more plentiful but they are weak sources of gravitational waves ...
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... List of unsolved problems in physics Can gravitational waves be detected experimentally? During the past century, astronomy has been revolutionized by the use of new methods for ... Astronomers hope that the same holds true of gravitational waves ... Gravitational waves have two important and unique properties ...
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... relativity predicts that this system should emit strong gravitational radiation, causing the orbit to continually contract as it loses orbital energy ... the first ever evidence of the existence of gravitational waves ... Time against which arrival times were measured, or the presence of background gravitational waves ...
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... The creator of the theory of general relativity, Albert Einstein, argued in 1916 that gravitational radiation should be produced, according to his theory, by any mass-energy configuration which has a time-varying ... Using a linearized field equation (appropriate for the study of weak gravitational fields), he derived the famous quadrupole radiation formula quantifying the rate at which such radiation ... expressing (apparently for the first time) the view that gravitational waves are in essence ripples in coordinates, and have no physical meaning ...

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