Wai or WAI may refer to:

  • Wai, Maharashtra, a town in India
  • Wai, an alternative name for the Nuristani people, speakers of the Waigali language
  • NO WAI, a phrase that is part of the O RLY? Internet meme.
  • Wai, a form of Thai greeting
  • Wai, a term referring to the walled villages of Hong Kong
  • Wa (Japan) (倭), the Cantonese pronunciation of an ancient name of Japan, sometimes transcribed as Wai
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... The San Wai Stop (Chinese 新圍站) is a MTR Light Rail stop located on the ground at Tin King Road (Chinese 田景路) in Tuen Mun District, near San Wai Court (Chinese ... It serves San Wai Court ...
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... So Wa Wai (Chinese 蘇樺偉 Jyutping So1 Waa4 Wai5 born October 6, 1981) is an athlete from Hong Kong who has competed in the Paralympic Games on four occasions, winning 11 medals ...
Wai, Maharashtra - Notable Personalities
... He was MLA of Wai constitution and founder of Janata Shikshan Sanstha ... Kisan Veer Mahavidhylay(Wai), 8-9 high school are the branches of Janata shikshan sanstha ... Veer Sugar Factory (Bhuinj) for the farmers of Wai ...
Lau Wai Shing
... Wai Shing Lau (simplified Chinese name 刘偉成, born 29 July 1955 in Hong Kong) is also known as Lau Wai Shing ...