Von Neumann Regular

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Radical Of A Ring - Examples - The Von Neumann Regular Radical
... A von Neumann regular ring is a ring A (possibly non-commutative without identity) such that for every a there is some b with a = aba ... The von Neumann regular rings form a radical class ...
Congruence Lattice Problem - Congruence Lattices of Lattices and Nonstable K-theory of Von Neumann Regular Rings
... Recall that if R is von Neumann regular, then V(R) is a refinement monoid ... We denote by L(R) the lattice of all principal right ideals of a von Neumann regular ring R ... Let R be a von Neumann regular ring ...
Von Neumann Regular Ring
... In mathematics, a von Neumann regular ring is a ring R such that for every a in R there exists an x in R such that a = axa ... To avoid the possible confusion with the regular rings and regular local rings of commutative algebra (which are unrelated notions), von Neumann regular rings are also called absolutely flat rings, because ... Von Neumann regular rings were introduced by von Neumann (1936) under the name of "regular rings", during his study of von Neumann algebras and continuous geometry ...

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