Volcanism On Io - Eruption Styles

Eruption Styles

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Observations of Io by spacecraft and Earth-based astronomers have led to the identification of differences in the types of eruptions seen on the satellite. The three main types identified include intra-patera, flow-dominated, and explosion-dominated eruptions. They differ in terms of duration, energy released, brightness temperature (determined from infrared imaging), type of lava flow, and whether it is confined within volcanic pits.

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Volcanism On Io - Eruption Styles - Explosion-dominated Eruptions (Pillanian Volcanism)
... Explosion-dominated eruptions are the most pronounced of Io's eruption styles ... These eruptions, sometimes called "outburst" eruptions from their Earth-based detections, are characterized by their short duration (lasting only weeks or months), rapid onset, large volumetric flow ... The most powerful volcanic eruption observed in historical times was an "outburst" eruption at Surt, observed by Earth-based astronomers on February 22, 2001 ...

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