Vladimir Damgov - Work - Patents


  • Methods and Devices for Implementation of Low-Noise Wide-Band Negative Resistances, Negative Capacitances and Negative Inductances (Patents of Republic of Bulgaria, No 25959, No 25960, No 25961, No 25971, No 29260 and No 30008).
  • Method and Device for Measuring Biological Membranes (Patent of Republic of Bulgaria, No 29993).
  • Multielectrode Modulation Device for Measuring the Interplanetary Plasma (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 45821).
  • Short-Range Autodyne System (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 45520).
  • Short-Range Radar (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 47466).
  • One-Band Modulator (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 35731), with D.V. Stoyanov.
  • Linear Reciprocating Electric Motor (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 44194), with Y.B. Douboshinsky and M.I. Kozakov.
  • Microwave Emitter (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 44197), with D.B. Douboshinsky and Y.B. Douboshinsky.
  • Inductive Sensor - Spectrum Analyser (Patent of the Republic of Bulgaria No 30009).

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