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Princely Title

In the rare case of the Indian princely state of Jafarabad (Jafrabad, founded c.1650), ruled by Thanadars, in 1702 a state called Janjira was founded, with rulers (six incumbents) styled wazir; when, in 1762, Jafarabad and Janjira states entered into personal union, both titles were maintained until (after 1825) the higher style of Nawab was assumed.

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... literally "the one who takes the first "), became the usual title of the informal leader of the Roman senate some centuries before the transition to empire, the princeps senatus ... in the country or attending religious rituals, and, for that task, granted them the title of princeps ... The title has generic and substantive meanings generically, prince refers to members of a family that ruled by hereditary right, the title being used to refer either to sovereigns or to cadets of a sovereign's ...
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... The bishops pursued the conferment of the Princely title by the Holy Roman Emperor to stress their sovereignty ... Teutonic Knights, a special status confirmed by the bestowal of the Princely title by Emperor Charles IV in 1356 ... Hermann, appointed by his brother Bishop Albert of Riga, received the title of a Prince-bishop by King Henry VII of Germany in 1225 ...

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