Grand Vizier

Grand Vizier, in Turkish Vezir-i Azam or Sadr-ı Azam (Sadrazam) (in Ottoman Turkish: صدر اعظم or وزیر اعظم), deriving from the Arabic word vizier (وزير), was the greatest minister of the Sultan, with absolute power of attorney and, in principle, dismissable only by the Sultan himself. He held the imperial seal and could convene all other viziers to attend to affairs of the state; the viziers in conference were called "Kubbealtı viziers" in reference to their meeting place, the Kubbealtı ('under the dome') in Topkapı Palace. His offices were located at the Sublime Porte. "Grand Vizier" (Vazīr-e Azam) is also the official Urdu title of the Pakistani Prime Minister (ministers are titled "vizier").

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Monument Of Liberty, Istanbul - Burials
... later on as well Midhat Pasha, a leading architect of the first Ottoman constitution and Grand Vizier, died in exile in Taif, Arabia ... of the Action Army (Hareket Ordusu ), which put down the 31 march rebellion, and Grand vizier assassinated in 1913 ... Talaat Pasha, former Minister of Interior and Grand vizier ot the Ottoman Empire assassinated by Soghomon Tehlirian in 1921, whose remains were ...
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... He was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire ... He ruled from 23 March 1821 to 30 April 1821 as Grand Vizier of sultan Mahmud II He came to Constantinople on 21 April 1821 and actually only nine days in power ... He was the last Grand Vizier, who was executed upon a clear order by the sultan (Mahmud II) the Greek War of Independence ...
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... Instead of negotiating with Husein Gradaščević, the Grand Vizier Reşid Mehmed Pasha (already engaged in an aggressive campaign against Albanian Pashas and Beys) mobilized the ... Disappointed by the Grand Viziers move Husein Gradaščević marched forward with an army of 52,000 strong Bosniaks into Priština ... A Bosnian delegation reached the Grand Vizier's camp in Skopje in November of that year ...
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... Greeks in Egypt during the Ottoman period include Damat Hasan Pasha who was the Grand Vizier to the Sultan from Morea, Greece ... He was an Ottoman statesman and Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1499-1501 ... Caliphate, Ibrahim Pasha perhaps is the most well known, who served as the Grand Vizier to Sultan Suleyman from 1520-1566 ...

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