Virgil Finlay - Collections - Books Published By Gerry De La Ree

Books Published By Gerry De La Ree

  • Finlay's Lost Drawings: For Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream (1975) with Gerry de la Ree
  • The Book of Virgil Finlay (1976)
  • Second Book of Virgil Finlay (1978)
  • The Third Book of Virgil Finlay (1979)
  • The Fourth Book of Virgil Finlay (1979)
  • The Fifth Book of Virgil Finlay (1979)
  • The Sixth Book of Virgil Finlay: The Astrology Years (1980)
  • The Seventh Book of Virgil Finlay - Virgil Finlay Remembered (1981)

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