Vilbrun Guillaume Sam - Legacy


  • His chief of police Charles Oscar Etienne, who cleaned out the jails by executing his political opponents, inspired the boogeymen Haitian carnival disguises known as "Chaloska".
Preceded by
Joseph Davilmar Théodore

President of Haïti

Succeeded by
Philippe Sudre Dartiguenave
Heads of State of Haiti
Post-Revolutionary (1804-1859)
  • Dessalines/Jacques I
  • Christophe/Henri I
  • Blanchet (acting)
  • Pétion
  • Boyer
  • Rivière-Hérard
  • Guerrier
  • Pierrot
  • Riché
  • Soulouque/Faustin I
Post-Imperial (1859-1930)
  • Geffrard
  • Saget (provisional)
  • Salnave
  • Saget
  • Council of Secretaries of State
  • Domingue
  • Boisrond-Canal
  • Lamothe (provisional)
  • Salomon
  • Boisrond-Canal (provisional)
  • Légitime
  • Jeune (provisional)
  • Hyppolite
  • Simon Sam
  • Boisrond-Canal (provisional)
  • Alexis
  • Simon
  • Leconte
  • Auguste
  • Oreste
  • Zamor
  • Théodore
  • Guillaume Sam
  • Dartiguenave
  • Borno
  • Roy
Post-Occupation (1930-1986)
  • Vincent
  • Lescot
  • Lavaud
  • Estimé
  • Lavaud
  • Magloire
  • Pierre-Louis (provisional)
  • Sylvain (provisional)
  • Executive Government Council
  • Fignolé (provisional)
  • Kebreau
  • François Duvalier
  • Jean-Claude Duvalier
Post-Duvalier (1986-2011)
  • Namphy
  • Manigat
  • Namphy
  • Avril
  • Abraham
  • Pascal-Trouillot
  • Aristide
  • Cédras
  • Nérette
  • Bazin (provisional)
  • Aristide
  • Jonassaint (provisional)
  • Aristide
  • Préval (provisional)
  • Aristide
  • Alexandre
  • Préval
Post-Quake (2011-present)
  • Martelly
Name Sam, Jean Vilbrun Guillaume
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth 4 March 1859
Place of birth Ouanaminthe, Haiti
Date of death 28 July 1915
Place of death Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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