Things known as a viewer include:

  • For television viewer, see Audience; Audience measurement; Nielsen ratings
  • File viewer, a piece of computer software that displays the data stored in a computer file in a human-friendly form
  • Image viewer, a computer program that displays a stored graphical image
  • Pocket viewer, a model range of Personal Digital Assistants developed by Casio
  • ViEWER, a computer program written for the purposes of studying visual perception in a 3-D environment
  • A person who is engaged in the paranormal activity of remote viewing

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Santa Cruz Map - Orientation of The Map
... The map is oriented so that the viewer observes the city and Valley of Mexico from the east ... so that they can be seen as though the viewer were standing in front of them ... architectural details, such as arches, so that the viewer would have an idea of how it actually appeared ...
List Of Police Squad! Episodes - Cancellation
... president Tony Thomopoulos said "Police Squad! was cancelled because the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it." What Thomopoulos meant was that the viewer had to actually pay close attention ... In 1982 your average viewer was unable to cope with its pace, its quick-fire jokes ...
LXT - Features
... The viewer supports both post-mortem viewing of VCD files and interactive viewing of VCD data, known as partial loading ... the output of a simulator can be written to a named pipe and then fed to the viewer through a shared memory proxy ... Coupled with the GtkPlug mechanism, this allows for the viewer to be integrated with other simulators in order to provide an interactive environment all in one window ...
Creative Writer 2 - Viewer
... The Microsoft Creative Writer 2 Document Viewer was available free of charge ... It allows users without Creative Writer 2 to view, but not edit.max files created with Creative Writer 2 ...