Vatican may refer to:

  • Holy See, the central governing body of the Catholic Church and sovereign entity recognized by international law, consisting of the Pope and the Roman Curia. The Vatican can also be referred to as "The Holy City".
    • A metonym for the Catholic Church, particularly when attributing doctrine
    • Roman Curia, the administrative apparatus of the Holy See
      • Vatican Library, of the Roman Curia
      • Vatican Secret Archives, which were separated from the Vatican Library in the 17th century
      • Vatican Publishing House, the publisher of official documents of the Holy See, separated from the Vatican Library in 1926
  • Vatican Hill, a hill in Rome, after which the Vatican is named, on the opposite side of the Tiber from the traditional seven hills of Rome
    • Vatican City, the territory on the Vatican Hill in Rome under the sovereignty of the Holy See created by the 1929 Lateran Treaty
    • Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope on the Vatican Hill (sometimes referred to as the Vatican Palace)
    • St. Peter's Basilica, also known as the Vatican Basilica, the principal church on the Vatican Hill
    • Vatican Museums
Other uses
  • Vatican, Louisiana, a town in the United States
  • The Vatican (mixtape), a mixtape by Natas

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Vatican, Louisiana
... Vatican is an unincorporated community in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana ... The community is named after Vatican City with street names such as Vatican Road, Vatican Square Drive, Pope Drive, and Bishop Street ... It is located near the intersection of Louisiana Highway 93 and Vatican Road ...
Philatelic And Numismatic Office Of The Vatican City State
... The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City State (Italian Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico) is responsible for issuing Vatican postal stamps and ... While Vatican stamps may only be used within the city of Rome, and the quantity of euro coins is limited by treaty with Italy (The total value of all coins minted in 2002 ... Indeed, public interest in Vatican currency and stamps was considered sufficient to justify a Philatelic and Numismatic Museum (Il Museo Filatelico e Numismatico) which has been opened as part of the Vatican ...
Paul Collins (Australian Religious Writer) - Doctrinal Controversy
... The Vatican’s investigation centred on his 1997 book Papal Power, which was said to imply that “a true and binding revelation” does not exist to deny that the Church of Christ is identified with the ... he resigned from his role as a Catholic priest due to a dispute with the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith over his book, Papal Power ... increasing rigidity and sectarianism of the Vatican, stating that the August 2000 declaration Dominus Iesus expressed “a profoundly anti-ecumenical spirit at odds with the sense of God’s grace ...
Catholic Church And Ecumenism - Relations With Anglican Churches - Post Second Vatican Council Developments
... historic, though not entirely official, visit to the Vatican in 1960 ... of Ripon, John Moorman, led a delegation of Anglican observers to the Second Vatican Council ... though this description might not tie in with present thinking in the Vatican ...
Bodmer Papyri - Vatican Acquisition
... Then, in March 2007 it was announced the Vatican had acquired the Bodmer Papyrus XIV-XV (P75), which is believed to contain the world's oldest known written fragment from the Gospel of Luke, the earliest known Lord ... They are kept in the Vatican Library and will be made available for scholarly review, and in the future, excerpts may be put on display for the general public ... They were transported from Switzerland to the Vatican in "An armed motorcade surrounded by people with machine guns." ...