User Agent

In computing, a user agent is software (a software agent) that is acting on behalf of a user. For example, an email reader is a Mail User Agent, and in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the term user agent refers to both end points of a communications session.

In many cases, a user agent acts as a client in a network protocol used in communications within a client–server distributed computing system. In particular, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol identifies the client software originating the request, using a "User-Agent" header, even when the client is not operated by a user. The SIP protocol (based on HTTP) followed this usage.

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... A back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) is a logical network element in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications ... A back-to-back user agent operates between both end points of a phone call or communications session and divides the communication channel into two call legs and mediates all SIP signaling between both ends of ... In the originating call leg the B2BUA acts as a user agent server (UAS) and processes the request as a user agent client (UAC) to the destination end, handling the signaling between end points back-to-bac ...
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... no-cache Connection What type of connection the user-agent would prefer Connection keep-alive Cookie an HTTP cookie previously sent by the server with Set-Cookie (below) Cookie $Version ... is mainly for methods like PUT to only update a resource if it has not been modified since the user last updated it ... Referer http// TE The transfer encodings the user agent is willing to accept the same values as for the response header Transfer-Encoding can be used ...
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... A user wielding a user agent (usually a web browser) requests a web resource protected by a SAML service provider ... The service provider, wishing to know the identity of the requesting user, issues an authentication request to a SAML identity provider through the user agent ... The principal (via an HTTP user agent) requests a target resource at the service provider https// The service provider performs a security check on behalf of the target resource ...
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... Web browsers created in the United States, such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, use the letters U, I, and N to specify the encryption strength in the user agent string ... Until 1996, when the United States government allowed encryption with keys longer than 40 bits to be exported, vendors shipped various browser versions with different encryption strengths ...

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