Upper Burgundy

Upper Burgundy (also Transjurane Burgundy Bourgogne transjurane, also Transjurania) is the part of Burgundy east of the Jura mountains, that together with the western County of Burgundy from 868 formed the Kingdom of Upper Burgundy, encompassing both sides of the Jura mountains range. The adjective "upper" refers to its location further up the Rhone Valley as distinct from Lower Burgundy (Cisjurania) and also from the Duchy of Burgundy west of the Saône river. Upper Burgundy was reunited with the Kingdom of Lower Burgundy in 933 (see Kingdom of Burgundy), and merged into the Kingdom of Arles (Arelat).

Its area corresponds largely to western Switzerland (the parts west of the Brünig-Napf-Reuss line, including the Romandy, the cantons of Berne, Aargau and Valais) and French région of Franche-Comté, as well as adjacent parts of French départements Haute-Savoie and Ain, and the Aosta Valley which is now in Italy.

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... Bulgaria - Simeon I, Knyaz of Bulgaria (893–927) Upper Burgundy - Rudolph I, King of Upper Burgundy (888–912) Rudolph II, King of Upper Burgundy (912–937) Byzantine Empire - Leo VI (886 ...
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... his son Lothar II subsumed his portion of Upper Burgundy into his Kingdom of Lotharingia and when his brother Charles of Provence died in 863, also gained some northern districts ... in 888, the nobles and leading clergy of Upper Burgundy assembled at St Maurice and elected Count Rudolph of Auxerre, son of Margrave Conrad II from the House ... Rudolph I, King of Upper Burgundy (888–912) At first, Rudolph tried to reunite the Lotharingian realm of Lothair II, but strong opposition by Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia, King of East Francia, and his son Zwentibold ...
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... Lower Burgundy was a historical kingdom in what is now southeastern France, so-called because it was lower down the Rhone Valley than Upper Burgundy ... Lower Burgundy is sometimes called the Kingdom of Arelat or the Kingdom of Cisjurane Burgundy ... The borders of Lower Burgundy were the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Septimania to the southwest, Aquitaine to the west, the Kingdom of Upper Burgundy to the north, and the Kingdom of Italy to ...
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... Guilla of Provence or of Burgundy (died before 924) was an early medieval Frankish queen in the Rhone valley ... that she was first consort of king Rudolf I of Upper Burgundy (who was proclaimed king in 888 and died on 25 October 911) and later, from 912, consort of Hugh of ... She is believed to have been a daughter of king Boso of Lower Burgundy (Provence), and she is presumed to have been the mother of king Rudolf II of Upper ...

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