• (adj): Not having leads between the lines.
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Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl
... additive tetraethyl lead to increase a fuel's octane rating, MMT was later used in unleaded gasoline ... (prior to TEL being finally banned from US gasoline in 1995) and was also used in unleaded gasoline until 1977 ... The waiver allows the use of MMT in US unleaded gasoline (not including reformulated gasoline) at a treat rate equivalent to 8.3 mg Mn/l ...
Caltex - Australia - Fuels
... Petrol Regular Unleaded (91 octane unleaded petrol) Bio E10 Unleaded (unleaded petrol with up to 10% ethanol) Bio E-Flex (unleaded petrol with up to 85 ...
Tetraethyllead - In Motor Fuel - Phaseout and Ban
... As of June 2011, unleaded automotive gasoline is available almost universally throughout the world and the only countries in which leaded gasoline is the only type ... designed and built to run on leaded fuel may require modification to run on unleaded gasoline ... those required for physical compatibility with unleaded fuel, and those performed to compensate for the relatively low octane of early unleaded fuels ...
Criticism Of NASCAR - Environmental Effects - Emissions and Pollution
... operation at high rpm and load) once made it difficult to switch to unleaded fuel, and the actual risk of lead had not proven particularly dire ... the early 1970s, when catalytic converters were required to be installed on new cars, making unleaded fuel a requirement (leaded fuel will destroy a catalytic converter) ... brand of fuel) conducted an unsuccessful test of unleaded fuel in selected Busch Series races ...
Shell V-Power - V-Power Petrol
... Conventional 'standard' "Premium Unleaded" petrol in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia has an octane rating of 95 RON, and in North America it is AKI/RdON/PON 91-93 (RON 96–98) ... However, higher octane "Super Unleaded" - often formulated with higher quality additives, is usually set at around 98 RON in mainland Europe but this can vary by market ... Most oil/petroleum companies now 'market' their own Super Unleaded petrols under a unique name - and the current name for Shell Super Unleaded fuel is "V-Power" ...

More definitions of "unleaded":

  • (adj): Not treated with lead.
    Example: "Unleaded gasoline"
    Synonyms: leadless