Unitary may refer to:

  • Unitary construction, in automotive design, another common term for a unibody or monocoque construction
    • Unitary as chemical weapons opposite of Binary
  • Unitarianism, in Christian doctrine, the belief in a "unitary God" as opposed to the concept of the Trinity
    • Unitarian Universalism (sometimes called "Unitarianism"), an interfaith church which draws its name from an interfaith concept of "unitary God"
  • types of political regions
    • Unitary state
    • Unitary authority
  • Unitary enterprise, a type of government-owned corporation in Russia and Belarus
  • Unitary executive theory, a theory of American constitutional law

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Contraction (operator Theory) - Functional Calculus
... Let T be totally non-unitary contraction on H ... Then the minimal unitary dilation U of T on K ⊃ H is unitarily equivalent to a direct sum of copies the bilateral shift operator, i.e ... can be defined without reference to the unitary dilation ...
Unitary Controller
... A unitary controller in the HVAC industry refers to a device that controls only one zone in a building ... Unitary Controllers are controllers that use the Public Unitary Protocol, therefore any controller using BACnet cannot be a unitary controller ...
List Of Political And Geographic Subdivisions By Total Area From .1 To 1,000 Km²
... North Ayrshire 884 Unitary district of Scotland ... Monmouthshire 851 Unitary authority of Wales ... Denbighshire 844 Unitary authority of Wales ...
Circular Ensemble
... the circular ensembles are measures on spaces of unitary matrices introduced by Freeman Dyson as modifications of the Gaussian matrix ensembles ... orthogonal ensemble (COE) on symmetric unitary matrices, the circular unitary ensemble (CUE) on unitary matrices, and the circular symplectic ensemble (CSE) on self dual unitary quaternionic matrices ...
Unitary - Music
... Unitary (in music) is an electronic act from Sweden, currently based in Stockholm ... It was founded in 2001 by Johan Hansson who writes the music, lyrics, and does the recording himself ...