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Arkansas In The American Civil War - Major Campaigns
... Ferry Expedition to Lake Village Old River Lake Arkansas State Troops provided the bulk of forces for the second major battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Wilson's Creek in ... first major battle in the western theater was a victory for southern forces, the Arkansas forces moved back to Arkansas and in a dispute over transfer to Confederate Authority, were ... Remaining Confederate Forces in Arkansas were transferred east of the Mississippi River in the fall of 1861, and spent the remainder of the war serving in that theater ...
Battle Of Marion - Battle - Second Day
... At dawn, Union forces positioned at the covered bridge opened fire, harassing the Confederate forward positions ... Columns of Union soldiers moved across the fields, subjected to heavy defensive fire from Breckinridge's Confederate forces ... As the day progressed, a combination of Union regiments succeeded in pushing back the 4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment ...
Battle Of Simmon's Bluff
... The Battle of Simmon's Bluff was a minor and bloodless Union victory, fought June 21, 1862, near Meggett, South Carolina, during the American Civil War ... Union forces had laid siege to Charleston, which was being resupplied from a nearby railroad ... Union forces were eager to capture the city, so they sent the 55th Pennsylvania Infantry regiment to sever the rail line ...
George Right Smith - The Gettysburg Campaign
... toward Harper's Ferry, brushing aside smaller union forces near Winchester June 13 and 14 ... Learning to his surprise that General George Meade (who replaced Hooker) had moved Union forces north of the Potomac River, General Lee hastened to concentrate his far-flung forces ... soldiers finally prevailed after nine hours of desperate fighting with 18,000 union soldiers ...
Battle Of Marion - Troops - Union Forces
... where Gillem was refitting his own command into a picked force of 1,500 men ... On December 12, Stoneman's force flanked and forced back Confederate Brig ... Union forces defeated and scattered Confederate troops the next day at Kingsport, Tennessee ...

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