Undue Influence

In jurisprudence, undue influence is an equitable doctrine that involves one person taking advantage of a position of power over another person. It is where free will to bargain is not possible.

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English Unjust Enrichment Law - Unjust(ified) Factors - Defective Consent - Undue Influence and Exploitation
... Undue influence and weakness Allcard v Skinner (1887) 36 Ch D 145 Royal Bank of Scotland plc v Etridge (No 2) UKHL 44 R v Attorney General for England and Wales ...
Undue Influence - In Probate Law
... "Undue influence" is the most common ground for will contests and are often accompanied by a capacity challenge ... It is important to note that "undue influence" is only an issue when the advisor is benefiting, not when advisor is getting a benefit for someone else in that case it would be ... In litigation most jurisdictions place the burden of proving undue influence on the party challenging the will ...
Indian Contract Act 1872 - Free Consent
... be free when it is not caused by coercion or undue influence or fraud or misrepresentation or mistake ... Undue influence (Section 16) "Where a person who is in a position to dominate the will of another enters into a contract with him and the transaction appears on the ...
Ethical Implications In Contracts - Undue Influence
... Undue influence is an equitable doctrine that involves one person taking advantage of a position of power over another ... of one party unduly influencing their conduct and motives for contracting (Undue Influence 2007) ... among other things, he signed it under the “undue influence” of his superiors ...
English Contract Law - Cancelling The Contract - Unconscionability
... See also Unconscionability in English law, Duress in English law, Duress, and Undue influence Unconscionability cases Allcard v Skinner (1887) 36 Ch D 145 ... duress, the courts of equity allowed escape from a contract if any form of undue influence was used against a contracting party ... "Actual undue influence" is now essentially the same thing as duress in its wider form ...

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