Tyre may refer to:

  • Tyre, the British spelling of tire, the outer part of a wheel
  • Tyre, Lebanon
  • Tyre District, Lebanon
  • Tyre, New York, United States, a town
  • Tyre, an unincorporated community in Austin Township, Sanilac County, Michigan, United States
  • Colin Tyre, Scottish lawyer and judge
  • Tyre York (1836–1916), U.S. Congressman from North Carolina
  • Tyres (mythology), two minor figures in Greek mythology

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Lytham Rail Crash - Investigation
... Colonel Pringle of the Railway Inspectorate found part of the broken tyre 50 yards (46 m) away in a field, the left-hand leading wheel of the engine having broken ... The tyre had been made in 1920, and had run over 100,000 miles (160,000 km) before failure ... Pringle also showed how tyre fractures had decreased over the years ...
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