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Turkish Cypriot Folk Dances
... Turkish Cypriot folk dances are not only significant because they are liked by the local people but also because they receive much critical acclaim in other parts of the world ... Folk dances reflect all details of the Cypriot lifestyle ... The eagle is the symbolic bird of the island and has always been a part of the lives of Cypriots who appreciate its liberty and adventures called the 'Kartal Oyunu' ...
Languages Of Northern Cyprus - Government and Politics - International Status and Foreign Relations
... as a sovereign state, but rather as territory of the Republic of Cyprus under Turkish occupation ... wake of the April 2004 referendum on the United Nations Annan Plan, and the support of the Turkish Cypriot community for the plan, the European Union made pledges towards ending ... referendums has been blocked by the Greek Cypriot government ...
Cypriot American - Culture - Weddings
... The sponsor at a Cypriot wedding, similar to an American best man or maid of honor, becomes a ceremonial relative ... Ownership of a house, given the scarcity of land (especially after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Cypriot American
... A Cypriot American is a citizen of the United States of Cypriot heritage or descent ... Cypriot Americans vary in ethnic background, roughly reflecting the ethnic composition of Cyprus (80% Greek, 18% Turkish, 2% other, not counting Turkish settlers or citizens of other ... Most Cypriot Americans are of Greek origin, some are Turks, and there are also Armenians and Maronite Christian Arabs ...

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