Tubular may refer to:

  • the form of a cylinder or tube
  • Tubular, a television-related entertainment blog on the Houston Chronicle website
  • Tubular, a level in the video game Super Mario World
  • Tubular, surf culture slang for cool or awesome, derived from catching a wave and getting in the tube
  • Tubulars (people), a former ethnic group in Russia

The adjective is often applied to items which are somewhat tubular in shape:

  • Tubular bell, musical instruments (also known as chimes) in the percussion family
  • Tubular bridge, a bridge built as a rigid box girder section, with the traffic carried within the section
  • Tubular chassis or superleggera, a type of automobile construction technique used only in expensive sports cars
  • Tubular Gallery, a large diameter, round, tubular steel structure used to enclose a troughed conveyor belt
  • Tubular lock pick, a specialized lockpicking tool used for opening a tubular pin locking cylinder
  • Tubular NDT, a nondestructive method of testing industrial products for hidden defects
  • Tubular neighborhood, a mathematical concept
  • Tubular-pneumatic action, a playing action for pipe organs, in which key and stop activity is transmitted from the console to the windchest via pneumatic impulses traveling through tubes
  • Tubular tyres, bicycle tires (tyres) which are glued-on to their rims

The adjective is often applied to parts of the body which resemble or are composed of tube-like members:

  • Tubular gland
  • parts of the kidney:
    • distal convoluted tubule
    • uriniferous tubule
    • tubular fluid, the fluid in the tubules of the kidney

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