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20th Century

From the 1980 Trujillo takes on the aspect and behavior of a metropolitan area particularly dynamic, by which time the growth of the city and adjoining districts, had produced conurbation of these, so, for the decade of the 1980s nascent Trujillo metropolitan area consisted of the integrated urban districts of Trujillo, El Porvenir and Florencia de Mora, staying as discontinuous integrated zone districts "Víctor Larco Herrera" and "La Esperanza" for 1981 the city already had 403.337 inhabitants. Also from the 1980 projects are promoted as Trujillo Industrial Park, located on the north side of town, in the present La Esperanza district.

With the advent of the 1990s, joined the city of Trujillo continued the districts of La Esperanza and Victor Larco Herrera and horizontal growth of the city, resulted in the districts of Moche, Trujillo, Salaverry, Laredo and become part of the area integrated batch of the city. He went to the first half of the decade of 1990, with the emergence of the town center "El Milagro" in Huanchaco, joined to La Esperanza district, and increasing interdependence with the districts of Moche and Laredo, which was cemented Trujillo as the new metropolis of Peru, telling then with a population of 589.314 inhabitants.

The latter half of the 20th century saw the expansion of the city due to a combination of rural-urban migration and the consolidation of surrounding districts into the Trujillo metropolitan area.

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