Transmission is the act of passing something on in another place.

Specifically, it may refer to:

  • Transmission (mechanics), a gear system transmitting mechanical power, as in a car
  • Transmission (telecommunications), the act of transmitting messages over distances
  • Transmission (medicine), the passing of a disease
  • Share transmission, ownership change through other than transfer
  • Transmission (wave propagation), in physics, chemistry, and optics
  • Electric power transmission, one process in the delivery of electricity to consumers
    • Transmission tower, providing support for overhead power lines
  • Transmission line, for the carriage of radio-frequency signals
  • Data transmission, the conveyance of information from one space to another
  • Dharma transmission, the formal confirmation of a student's awakening in Zen Buddhism
  • Transmission (genetics), is the passing on of genetic information

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