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Bahad 16
... Bahad 16 (lit Education Base 16) is a training base (Bahad) belonging to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) ... Located in the Tzrifin container base, it is the training base and a base of operations for the IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue (SAR) unit ... Because it is the only SAR training base, Bahad 16 is synonymous with the SAR unit itself ...
Education And Youth Corps - Education and Youth Training Base
... The Education and youth training base, or by its name Sha'arei Avraham (Abraham's gates) was built near the Re'em Junction in the Lachish Valley near Kiryat Mal'akhi ... soldiers in various roles in the Education Corps get their training in the Youth Education Training Base ... and command NCO Madan Merhav and Basis מד"ן מרחב ובסיס - a youth guide in the base and region Mashakit Hinukh מש"קית חינוך - education NCO Mashakit Aliya ...
Hernando County Airport - History
... Headquartered at Orlando Army Air Base, AAFSAT's mission was to develop tactics and techniques of aerial warfare and to establish technical and tactical proficiency requirements for combat units ... AAFSAT used Brooksville as a heavy and medium bomber training base, assigning the following squadrons to the airfield 1st Bombardment Squadron, 15 December 1942-25 February 1944 (B-17 Flying ... airfield came under the jurisdiction of the 377th Army Air Forces Base Unit, Squadron "A" becoming the operational unit ...
Camp Kearny - History - United States Marine Corps Use
... In 1934 part of the base was leased to the Marine Corps to use for maneuvers and gunnery ranges ... to avoid confusion with the Navy base ... The Marine base was mainly used to process Marine squadrons en route to the South Pacific ...
CFB Cornwallis - HMCS Cornwallis
... National Defence began examining the possibility of transferring naval recruit training to a new facility in southwestern Nova Scotia with convenient access to Halifax ... port under development since fall 1941 at HMCS Shelburne and an adjacent seaplane patrol base opened in spring 1942 at RCAF Station Shelburne, however it is presumed that political ... While the location for the training base was being sorted out, the actual training establishment was founded at a cost of $9 million at Halifax's HMC Dockyard on May 1, 1942 and was named HMCS ...

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    The base emotions Plato banned
    have left a radio-active and not radiant land.
    Libby Houston (b. 1941)

    When a man goes through six years’ training to be a doctor he will never be the same. He knows too much.
    Enid Bagnold (1889–1981)