Trad. is mostly an abbreviation of the word "traditional". It may refer to:

  • Traditional music, also called folk music
  • Trad jazz like Dixieland and Ragtime
  • Traditional grip, a technique holding drum sticks
  • Traditional climbing
  • Traditional skinhead
  • Traditionalist Catholics
  • Tradescantia or Spiderworts, a genus of different species of plants in the family Commelinaceae
  • Ivy League (clothes), a style of men's dress, popular during the late 1950s
  • Religious denomination, subgroups within a religion
  • Lineages and denominations in the Wicca religion

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... Néo-trad is a musical style from Quebec that arose around the turn of the 21st century ... It can be considered a subgenre of Québécois Trad music ... Some notable néo-trad artists are Mes Aïeux, Les Cowboys Fringants and Mara Tremblay ...