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Reentry - Entry Vehicle Design Considerations
... deceleration Peak dynamic pressure Peak heat flux and dynamic pressure selects the TPS material ... Heat load selects the thickness of the TPS material stack ... also influence the selection of the outermost TPS material if spallation is an issue ...
Reentry - Thermal Protection Systems - Ablative
... of gaseous reaction products from the heat shield material and provides protection against all forms of heat flux ... Ablation occurs at two levels in an ablative TPS the outer surface of the TPS material chars, melts, and sublimes, while the bulk of the TPS material undergoes pyrolysis and ... Radiative heat flux blockage was the primary thermal protection mechanism of the Galileo Probe TPS material (carbon phenolic) ...
Ballistic Reentry - Thermal Protection Systems - Ablative
... Ablation causes the TPS layer to char, melt, and sublime through the process of pyrolysis ... thermal protection mechanism of the Galileo Probe TPS material (carbon phenolic) ... Carbon phenolic was originally developed as a rocket nozzle throat material (used in the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster) and for re-entry vehicle nose tips ...

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