Torpedo Hit

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USS Wahoo (SS-238) - Fourth Patrol, February – April 1943
... A single torpedo hit broke the target in two the aft end sank immediately, and the bow sank two minutes later ... The first hit under the target's foremast with a terrific blast, leaving a tremendous hole in her side, but the bow remained intact ... The second torpedo hit amidships, but it was a dud and did not explode ...
USS Sea Dog (SS-401) - Fourth War Patrol
... One torpedo hit, starting a fire aft ... Two more torpedoes were fired, one ran erratic the second hit amidships ... At 1555, she fired one torpedo ...
King George V Class Battleship (1939) - Design and Description - Protection - Underwater Protection
... made as thin as possible to minimize splinter damage in the event of a torpedo hit ... (containing only air) and this allowed the initial explosion from a torpedo to expand while minimizing damage to the ship ... a larger area while the liquid contained any metal splinters that were created from the torpedo explosion ...

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    Major Bagley: So they really got the Arizona.
    Captain Quincannon: Yes, sir. Hickham Field was hit just as bad as Pearl Harbor, lot of fifth column work.
    Major Bagley: I’ve studied all the wars in history, gentlemen, and I’ve never come across any dirty treachery like that.
    Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)