Tone Letter

Tone Letter

˧ redirects here. For the hangul letter, see ㅓ. For the reversed turnstile, see ⊣.

Register (level) tone
˥ ˦ ˧ ˨ ˩
IPA number 519–523
Entity ˥–˩
Unicode U+02E5–U+02E9
Contour tone
˥˧ ˦˨ ˧˩ ˥˩
˩˧ ˨˦ ˧˥ ˩˩˧
˧˥˦ ˦˩˨ ˨˩˧
The contour-tone letters are composed as sequences:
˥​˧ → ˥˧, ˨​˩​˧ → ˨˩˧

Tone letters are letters that represent the tones of a language, most commonly in languages with contour tones.

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