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Kingman Group - Current Models - Older Markers
... Spyder TL and TL Plus The Spyder TL and TL Plus are semi-auto mechanical markers that featured a new, for its time, sleek body, two-finger trigger, and Rear-Cocking, leaving the older side ...
Aloys Zötl
... Aloys Zötl (born 4 December 1803 in Freistadt died 21 October 1887 in Eferding) was an Austrian painter and master dyer ... Decades after his death, Zötl's work was re-discovered by surrealist André Breton who recognized a surrealist aesthetic in it writing "…Lacking any ...
TL - Other
... Acura TL, a mid-size luxury car Liquidus temperature, the maximum temperature at which crystals can co-exist with the melt Target language Teelöffel or theelepel, a German and Dutch ...