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List Of IBF World Champions - Cruiserweight
... Italy 1 Evander Holyfield May 15, 1987 Las Vegas, Nevada 3 Title vacated 1988 Holyfield vacated the title to move up to Heavyweight ... Ezra Sellers May 1, 2004 Miami, Florida 0 Title vacated 2004–2005 O'Neil Bell def ... Dale Brown May 20, 2005 Hollywood, Florida 2 Title vacated March 31, 2006 Bell's last defense was against Jean Marc Mormeck on January 7, 2006 in New York City, New York ...
KO-D Tag Team Championship - Title History
... and Super Uchuu Power 1 July 5, 2001 Tokyo Mikami and Power vacated the title on August 16, 2001, in order to enter the KO-D Tag Team League ... Title vacated on November 1, 2001 in Tokyo after Mikami and Power split as a team ... (3) and Takashi Sasaki (2) 1 December 12, 2001 Tokyo Title vacated on May 16, 2002 due to MIKAMI being injured in Tokyo on April 25, 2002 ...
HWA Cruiserweight Championship - Title History
... OH Kane defeated Tarek and Shark Boy in a 3-way match for the title ... Shark Boy 1 May 26, 1999 Fort Mitchell, KY Title Vacated July 28, 1999 Shark Boy vacates the title after signing with WCW ... Rory Fox in the finals of a tournament for the vacant title ...
List Of Shooto Pacific Rim Champions - Title Histories - Welterweight Championship
... Date Defenses Koutetsu Boku January 29, 2005 Title vacated December 17, 2005 Mitsuhiro Ishida February 17, 2006 Title vacated December 2006 ...
CWA World Heavyweight Championship - Title History
... Vienna, Austria Otto Wanz 4 01990-06-30June 30, 1990 Graz, Austria Title vacated 01990-06-30June 30, 1990 Graz, Austria Title vacated when Wanz retired immediately after winning it. 22, 1990 Bremen, Germany Defeated Rambo to win the vacant title. 20, 1995 Bremen, Germany Rambo 3 01996-12-21December 21, 1996 Bremen, Germany Title vacated 01997-07-05July 5, 1997 N/A Vacated when Rambo left CWA for the WWF ...

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    Power, in Case’s world, meant corporate power. The zaibatsus, the multinationals ..., had ... attained a kind of immortality. You couldn’t kill a zaibatsu by assassinating a dozen key executives; there were others waiting to step up the ladder; assume the vacated position, access the vast banks of corporate memory.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    The title wise is, for the most part, falsely applied. How can one be a wise man, if he does not know any better how to live than other men?—if he is only more cunning and intellectually subtle?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)