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Kamalapur Railway Station - Architectural Value
... The station contains 21 ticket counters, and local tickers can be bought from 20 ticket counters ... Tickets are available to go to India ... has eight platforms and there are two restaurants in front of the ticket counters ...
Kuala Lumpur Railway Station - Platforms
... As such, ticket counters for the train services were located within the old and new stations ... platforms are reused to cater Intercity services with tickets sold at the ETS ticket counter ... well as the Electric Train Service, as KTM Komuter ticket counters and faregates to and from KTM Komuter services are connected to it, the ETS ticket counters, however are ...
OS/2 - Historical Uses
... OS/2 is still used on ticket machines for Croydon Tramlink in outer-London (UK) ... OS/2 was used by Trenitalia, both for the desktops at Ticket Counters and for the Automatic Ticket Counters up to 2011 ... Incidentally, the Automatic Ticket Counters with OS/2 were more reliable than the current ones running a flavor of Windows ...

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