Three Dollar Bill

Three Dollar Bill is a band founded by Jane Danger and Chris Piss, in Chicago, Illinois in 1998. The name comes from the expression "Queer as a three dollar bill".

Jane Danger previously played in Chicago's first queercore band Heterocide in the late 1990s. In Three Dollar Bill, Jane and Chris Piss both play guitar and sing, while the rhythm section is provided by G. Rex on bass and backing vocals and Chip Lash on drums, who replaced CA Matteson and Jenny Evil in 2002. Their influences run the gamut from punk, metal, grunge, goth, and indie rock. The band have self-released four CDs on their own independent label and have appeared on a variety of compilations including the tribute to The Breeders, Hellbound, which also features performers such as Gentleman Reg. The band tour and play throughout the east coast and the midwest of the U.S.. Their most recent recording, Parody of Pleasure, was nominated for album of the year by the 2006 Out Music Awards.

The band performs in Scott Berry's movie Gay Shame '98, filmed at the first Gay Shame event held at DUMBA in Brooklyn, New York, documenting this alternative to Gay Pride. Three Dollar Bill appear along with other performers such as Penny Arcade and writers Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore and Eileen Myles. Three Dollar Bill appear on the soundtrack of the 2005 film Hellbent, self-described as "the first gay slasher movie", which also includes songs by notable Queercore bands Best Revenge and Pansy Division In 2008, Jane Danger appeared in a starring role alongside Mark Ewert, Vaginal Davis, Jen Smith, Joel Gibb and Jena von Brucker, in the film The Lollipop Generation by G.B. Jones. The soundtrack feaured music by The Hidden Cameras, Anonymous Boy, and Mariae Nascenti, as well as Jane Danger

They are featured in the book Homocore: The Loud and Raucous Rise Of Queer Punk, released in 2005.

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