Thiele and Ladiges' Taxonomic Arrangement of Banksia

Thiele And Ladiges' Taxonomic Arrangement Of Banksia

Kevin Thiele and Pauline Ladiges' taxonomic arrangement of Banksia, published in 1996, was a novel taxonomic arrangement that was intended to align the taxonomy of Banksia more closely with the phylogeny that they had inferred from their cladistic analysis of the genus. It replaced Alex George's 1981 arrangement, but most aspects were not accepted by George, and it was soon replaced by a 1999 revision of George's arrangement. However some herbaria have continued to follow Thiele and Ladiges on some points.

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Thiele And Ladiges' Taxonomic Arrangement Of Banksia - Legacy
... In 1999, George published a revised taxonomic arrangement of Banksia as part of the Flora of Australia series of monographs ... from that of George (1981) and take into account new data revealed in the work of Thiele Ladiges (1996)" ... However, Thiele and Ladiges' arrangement was largely rejected ...

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