Taz or TAZ may refer to:


  • Taz people, an ethnic group in Russia
    • Taz language, a form of Northeastern Mandarin spoken by the Taz people
  • Taz Bentley, a drummer and member of the Burden Brothers
  • Taz (singer), a popular British Indian singer
  • Taz/Tazz, ring name of pro wrestler Peter Senerchia
  • The Taz, a sobriquet for Rabbi David HaLevi Segal, author of Turei Zahav


  • Taz River, a river in western Siberia
    • Taz Estuary, an estuary of the Taz River

Other uses:

  • "T.A.Z.", a song by Black Label Society from their debut album Sonic Brew
  • Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes), a cartoon character
  • Die Tageszeitung, known as taz, a daily newspaper in German catering to the intellectual left
  • Temporary Autonomous Zone, an essay by Hakim Bey
  • Trnavské automobilové závody, a Slovakian car manufacturer
  • "TAZ", the gene for Tafazzin
  • Taz, a monster truck driven by Adam Anderson, based on the Looney Tunes character.
  • TAZ 90 (camouflage), the current Swiss military camouflage
  • Traffic analysis zone

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Siberian River Routes - Northern Route
... From the Gulf of Ob to the Taz Estuary, up the Taz River, past Mangazeya(1601), portage to Yanov Stan on the Turukhan River, leading to Turukhansk(1607) on the Yenisei at its juncture with the Lower ... Yakutsk is about 2400 km from the Taz Estuary ...
The Man From M.A.R.S. (cartoon) - Characters - Devils
... Taz (Jim Cummings) – He is the central character of the series and appears in every episode ... Taz is ill-tempered, frequently hungry, and has a very big dislike of water, though is less ferocious and (at times) more thoughtful than his original incarnation ... Hugh Tazmanian Devil (Maurice LaMarche) – Taz's easy-going father, whose voice and mannerisms are a parody of Bing Crosby ...
Taz (video Game)
... Taz was released by Atari in 1983 for the Atari 2600 and features the Looney Tunes character the Tasmanian Devil in a food frenzy ... Within the game, Taz only appears as tornado ... The same game was released outside the United States featuring Asterix instead of Taz ...
... is the commercial/collector name applied to Swiss TAZ 83 military surplus camouflage clothing which came on to the Army Surplus market in the 1990s ... TAZ 83 is a six colour camouflage pattern consisting of a tan coloured background with white random flecks with light green body ... which translates loosely as Tutti-Frutti Pyjamas TAZ 83 was issued from 1957 to 1993 when it was replaced by TAZ 90, a print of identical pattern in traditional colours of green, brown, and black ...