Tattooed Man

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Deathstroke: Journey's End - Fictional Character Biography - Titans: Villains For Hire
... Deathstroke recruits a team of supervillains consisting of Tattooed Man, Cheshire, Osiris, and the new character Cinder following the launch of Brightest Day ... at LexCorp, Luthor rewards Slade by examining technology that he had earlier ordered Tattooed Man and Cheshire to steal ... When asked what he is doing with the young man, Slade cryptically responds by saying that he only accepted the mission in order capture Molecule for some unknown purpose ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Villains - Tattooed Man
... Voice Actor Michael Jai White Tattooed Man is a criminal who can bring the tattoos on him to life ... fighting Batman during a robbery until Hal Jordan arrived and helped Batman to defeat Tattooed Man ...
Mythology Of Carnivàle - Avatars - Manifestation in The Series - The Tattooed Man and The Tree
... A man with a tattooed tree on his chest and back is introduced in the opening minutes of Carnivàle's pilot episode, and appears in many other Avataric visions and dreams ... on a hill early in Season 2, which prompts him to get his chest and back tattooed accordingly ... Its implied meaning and power prompted him to place it on the Tattooed Man's chest because "this is where you will build your empire ...
List Of Carnivàle Episodes - Episode List - Season 2 (2005)
... “ On the heels of the skirmish Man foolishly called the war to end all wars, the Dark One sought to elude his destiny… live as a mortal ... in 1923, Kerrigan seemingly lost his mind and painted a tattooed man into a Templar mural he is now institutionalized in Alamogordo ... home, Justin sees a decrepit tree that he already encountered in a vision about the Tattooed Man and the Usher ...

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    Any man who can write a page of living prose adds something to our life, and the man who can, as I can, is surely the last to resent someone who can do it even better. An artist cannot deny art, nor would he want to. A lover cannot deny love.
    Raymond Chandler (1888–1959)

    Carmen: You’re cute. I like you.
    Philip Marlowe: What you see is nothing. I got a Balinese dancing girl tattooed across my chest.
    William Faulkner (1897–1962)