Tanu may refer to:

  • Malietoa Tanumafili I, a Samoan prince who was allied with American and British forces during the Second Samoan Civil War
  • Tanu (Haida village), an important historical village of the Haida people on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada
  • Tanu, a character in the children's fantasy novel Fablehaven
  • TANU; Tanganyika African National Union

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List Of Magical Items In Fablehaven - Potions
... Potions were introduced in Fablehaven by Potion Master Tanu ... Tanu describes other potions that can make the drinker shrink or enlarge ... Tanu and Seth used this potion to escape hostile beings, and it helped save Warren's life ...
Saga Of Pliocene Exile - Pliocene Races - Humans - Lowlives
... The Firvulag call all humans Lowlives, while the Tanu and humanity reserve the term for those humans in Pliocene Europe not ruled by the Tanu ... in small bands without medical care or good supplies and are harassed by both the Tanu and Firvulag, although at the beginning of the series there is a shaky treaty in place between the Vosges ... the Lowlives begin to fight against their oppressors, attacking the Tanu city of Finiah with the Firvulag ...