• (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Tajikistan or it people or culture.

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List Of Land Borders With Dates Of Establishment - Asia
... of Panjdeh, border between Afghanistan and Russia 1991 Tajikistani independence Afghanistan-Turkmenistan 1885 After Russian conquest, border between ... border between Bukhara and China 1991 Tajikistani independence China-Russia From Mudanjiang - Vladivostok to Mohe - Never 1858 at the treaty of Aigun ... neutral zone is split in two parts Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan 1991 Kyrgyzstani and Tajikistani independence Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan 1991 Kyrgyzstani and Uzbekistani independence Laos-Bur ...
Maroof Saleemovich Salehove - List of Tajiks Held in Guantanamo
... reports that Umar Abdulayev reported that he, Sharipov, and one other Tajik were threatened by Tajikistani security officials, who told them they would be punished if ... In November 2009 Abdulayev was the last Tajikistani in Guantanamo ... Abdulayev reported that visiting Tajikistani security officials threatened him, and two other captives with retribution if they didn't agree to pretend to be militant jihadists in order to spy on real militant jihadists ...