Tadashi (Kanji: 正, 禎, Hiragana: ただし), Japanese masculine name, may refer to :

  • Tadashi (Band) Rock band from Chicago, IL
  • Tadashi Abe (1926-1984), the first aikido master to live and teach in the west
  • Tadashi Abe (astronomer), (1943-), amateur astronomer and high school teacher
  • Tadashi Agi (1962-), Japanese manga storywriter, novelist and screenwriter,
  • Tadashi Hattori (1908-2008), a Japanese composer,
  • Masashi Hirose
  • Tadashi Ikegami, a Japanese video game music composer,
  • Tadashi Inuzuka
  • Tadashi Irie, a Japanese yakuza boss
  • Tadashi Ishimine, baseball catcher for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
  • Tadashi Izawa (1895-1990)
  • Tadashi Kawamata, a Japanese plasticist,
  • Tadashi Kuranari (1918-1996),
  • Tadashi Mori (1921-1987)
  • Tadashi Nakamura (1942-), the founder of Seido Juku Karate
  • Tadashi Ohtsuka (1978-),
  • Tadashi Sasaki
  • Tadashi Sato
  • Tadashi Sawamura (1943-),
  • Tadashi Shimada (1949-)
  • Shoji Tadashi, fashion designer
  • Tadashi Suetsugi, a Japanese Engineer,
  • Tadashi Suzuki, a theatrical director, writer,
  • Tadashi Takamura (1933-)
  • Tadashi Wakabayashi
  • Tadashi Yamaneko, a contemporary Japanese artist,
  • Tadashi Yamashita (1942-), American martial artist,
  • Tadashi Yanai (1949-)
  • Tadashi Yokouchi
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Tadashi Abe
... Tadashi Abe (阿部 正, Abe Tadashi?) (1926 - November 23, 1984) was the first aikido master to live and teach in the west ... by Minoru Mochizuki during a visit, but it was Tadashi Abe's teaching at the judo dojo of Mikonosuke Kawaishi where aikido was first taught on a regular basis in the west ... Upon his return to Japan, Tadashi Abe was famously very vocal concerning the direction aikido had gone ...
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