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  • T-55S - The prototype for the M-55S.
    • M-55S - T-55 modernization developed by the STO RAVNE company and engineers of the Israeli company Elbit. Slovenia modernized 30 T-55 tanks in the inventory of its armed forces. The last T-55 was modernized to the M-55S standard in May 1999. The original 100 mm tank gun was replaced by the 105 mm one with a thermal sleeve. The armour protection of the tank was improved considerably by attaching Rafael ERA blocks to the hull and the turret. A digital ballistic computer was installed in order to improve the fire control system (FCS). The gunner has the Fotona SGS-55 two-axis stabilized day-and-night sight with an integral laser rangefinder. In addition to the integral optic sight the commander has the Fotona COMTOS-55 sight with an independent line-of-sight stabilization, which allows him to acquire targets and lay the gun independently if required. The driver has the Fotona CODRIS combined day/night observation periscope. The LIRD-1A laser illumination warning receiver was mated with front-mounted IS-6 smoke grenade launchers (of which there are six in two clusters, one per side of the turret) and can be automatically activated in an emergency. Modernization of the V-12 diesel engine resulted in an increase in power from 520 hp to 600 hp. The running gear has rubber side skirts and the tank was outfitted with new rubber and metal tracks. Improvements were also made to the communications aids.
      • M-55S-1 - M-55S Fitted with the German 850 hp MAN diesel engine instead of the 600 hp V-12 as well as an additional box mounted on the rear of the turret bin - the function of which is unknown. It's also known as T-55S1 and T-55SL.
      • M-55S-USP - M-55S converted into a driver trainer vehicle. The turret has been replaced by a training enclosure with seats for an instructor and two trainee drivers. A third driver is in the normal driving position of the vehicle. It is also known as LM-55, M-55USP and USP9.

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