Syn may refer to:

  • Syn (goddess), in Norse mythology
  • Syn addition, in organic chemistry
  • The Syn, a band formerly including bassist Chris Squire of Yes
  • Sýn, an Icelandic TV station
  • Doctor Syn, a character in novels by Russell Thorndike
  • Grand Admiral Peccati Syn character in the Star Wars expanded universe
  • Synonym (taxonomy), a system of accepted alternative names for species
  • Synyster Gates, the lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold
  • DJ Synystr

SYN may refer to:

  • SYN (TCP), synchronise packet in transmission control protocol (TCP)
  • Synchronous idle (␖), one of the C0 and C1 control codes
  • Synaspismós, the Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology, a Greek radical left political party
  • Student Youth Network, a youth media organization based in Melbourne, Australia
  • SYN (OSC), a standardized namespace within Open Sound Control (OSC)
  • SYN (band), a band by Halca (singer)

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