Symonds is a surname with French, English and German origins. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Symonds (died 2006), American theatre technical director
  • Andrew Symonds (born 1975), Australian cricketer
  • Charles Symonds (1890-1978), English neurologist
  • Chas Symonds (born 1982), English boxer
  • Craig Symonds (born 1946), American historian
  • Harry Symonds (1889–1945), Welsh cricketer
  • James Symonds (born 195?), American naval officer
  • John Symond, Australian businessman
  • John Symonds (1914-2006), English biographer, playwright and author
  • John Addington Symonds (1840-1893), English poet and literary critic and advocate of homosexual love
  • John Alexander Symonds (born 1935), British police officer who spied for the KGB
  • Joseph Symonds (1900-1985), British politician, MP for Whitehaven
  • Matt Symonds (born 1968), British entrepreneur
  • Nelson Symonds (1933–2008), Canadian jazz guitarist
  • Noel Symonds (1863-1943), English rower
  • Pat Symonds (born 1953), British motorsport engineer
  • Peter Symonds (c.1528–1586), English merchant and benefactor
  • Richard Symonds (diarist) (1617-1692?), English royalist and Civil War diarist
  • Richard Symonds (academic) (1918-2006), British UN administrator and academic
  • Robert Symonds (1926-2007), American actor
  • Ross Symonds (born 1942), Australian news presenter
  • Thomas Symonds (died 1793), British naval captain of the American Revolutionary War
  • Thomas Symonds (admiral) (1813-1894), British admiral
  • Thomas Powell Symonds (died 1819), British politician, MP for Hereford, and lieutant colonel South Gloucester Militia
  • Tom Symonds (born 1989), Australian Rugby League Player
  • Tony Symonds (born 1962), Australian rules footballer
  • William Symonds (1782-1856), British ship designer and administrator, 'Surveyor of the Navy' 1832-1847
  • William Cornwallis Symonds (1810-1841), British army officer, Chief Magistrate of Auckland and Deputy Surveyor-General of New Zealand
  • William R. Symonds (1851–1934), English painter
  • William Samuel Symonds (1818-1887), English geologist

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Charles Symonds
... Sir Charles Putnam Symonds KBE CB (11 April 1890 – 7 December 1978) was an English neurologist ... Contributions to neurology by Symonds include a highly accurate description of subarachnoid haemorrhage in 1924, and idiopathic intracranial hypertension (which he ...
Thomas Powell Symonds
... Thomas Powell Symonds (1762 – 19 August 1819) was Member of Parliament (MP) for Hereford 1800 to 1819, and lieutenant colonel of the South Gloucester Militia ... Thomas Powell Symonds was the eldest son of Thomas Symonds Powell Symonds of Pengethley Manor (near Ross) and his wife Sarah, daughter of Joseph Chester ... and was succeeded by his nephew, also Thomas Powell Symonds (son of Rev Joseph Symonds—T.S.P ...
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List Of Ships Of The Line Of The Royal Navy - List of Ships-of-the-line of The Royal Navy (1830–1847)
... Captain Sir William Symonds served as Surveyor of the Navy from 1832 to 1847 ... Captain Symonds was a naval officer and yacht designer, "who had risen to prominence by his success in competitive sailing trials between small warships ... Symonds attempted a revolution in warship design ...