• (adj): Closely encircling.
    Example: "The surrounding countryside"
    Synonyms: encompassing

Some articles on surrounding:

San Pedro Jácuaro
... Some of the surrounding towns, known as "Suburbs" are San Matias El Grande, Tierras Coloradas, Cuchupitio and La Venta ... San Pedro's inhabitants are referred to as "Tamaleros" by the surrounding towns, and the Tamaleros have had a long standing feud with surrounding residents ...
Tel Hanaton - Archaeology
... The Tel rises to 75m above the surrounding valley, part of which represents the stratification layers on which the Bronze Age and later settlements were built on a natural outcrop of ... for wood Limestone hills to quarry for building materials and tools fertile surrounding arable land for crops and livestock the presence of clays for ...
Lima Culture
... This pre-Incan culture, which overlaps with surrounding Paracas, Moche, and Nasca civilizations, was located in the desert coastal strip of Peru in ... It can be difficult to differentiate the Lima culture from surrounding cultures due to both its physical proximity to other, and better documented cultures, in Coastal Peru, and ... Being surrounded by desert, Lima needed to channel water from surrounding rivers in order to cultivate their soil for agricultural purposes ...
Birendranagar - Demography
... Historically Birendranagar and the surrounding area of Surkhet were the lands of the Tharu and Local Rajhi, however the region has seen increased migration from the surrounding ... Villagers from smaller surrounding communities migrate here in search of increased security and opportunity ...

Famous quotes containing the word surrounding:

    Every winter the liquid and trembling surface of the pond, which was so sensitive to every breath, and reflected every light and shadow, becomes solid to the depth of a foot or a foot and a half, so that it will support the heaviest teams, and perchance the snow covers it to an equal depth, and it is not to be distinguished from any level field. Like the marmots in the surrounding hills, it closes its eyelids and becomes dormant for three months or more.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The opening of large tracts by the ice-cutters commonly causes a pond to break up earlier; for the water, agitated by the wind, even in cold weather, wears away the surrounding ice.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Thus when I come to shape here at this table between my hands the story of my life and set it before you as a complete thing, I have to recall things gone far, gone deep, sunk into this life or that and become part of it; dreams, too, things surrounding me, and the inmates, those old half-articulate ghosts who keep up their hauntings by day and night ... shadows of people one might have been; unborn selves.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)