Sundanese may refer to:

  • Sundanese people
  • Sundanese language
  • Sundanese script
  • Sundanese (Unicode block)

Other articles related to "sundanese":

Luso Sundanese Padrão
... The Luso Sundanese padrão is a stone pillar commemorating the Sunda–Portuguese treaty, better known as the Luso-Sundanese Treaty of Sunda Kalapa ...
List Of Unicode Characters - Sundanese
... Sundanese chart (PDF) 9 ... A B C D E F U+1B8x ᮀ ᮁ ᮂ ᮃ ᮄ ᮅ ᮆ ᮇ ᮈ ᮉ ᮊ ᮋ ᮌ ᮍ ᮎ ᮏ U+1B9x ...
... Sangkuriang is a legend among Sundanese people in Indonesia ... From the legend, we can determine how long the Sundanese have been living in Java island ... Firmly supported by geological facts, it is predicted that the Sundanese have been living on Java Island since a thousand years BC ...
Lutung Kasarung - Source
... this legend was transmitted via Pantun Sunda, a traditional Sundanese oral performance ... It was later written down by Sundanese writers, in both the Sundanese and Indonesian languages ...