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Cape Wrath (TV series) - Cast - Other Characters
... Williams as Tom Tyrell David Smallbone as Green Suit John Warman as Green Suit Christopher Wilson as Green Suit ...
Suit - Other Uses
... Lawsuit or suit in law, an action brought before a court to recover a right or redress a grievance Suit (cards), one of four groups into which a deck of cards is divided (Informal) Someone in authority ... "That'll cost ya a suit." ...
Powered Exoskeleton - Limitations and Design Issues - Pinching and Joint Fouling
... may be enclosed in a heavy fabric suit to protect them from joint pinch hazards ... but can also be accomplished by enclosing the exoskeleton mechanics in a tough fabric suit separate from the user, which functions as a protective "skin" for the ... This enclosing suit around the exoskeleton can also protect the wearer from pinch hazards ...
... The tankini (also known as tanqueray) is a bathing suit combining a tank top, mostly made of spandex-and-cotton or Lycra-and-nylon, and a bikini bottom ... is considered by some to provide modesty closer to a one piece suit with the convenience of a two piece suit, as the entire suit need not be removed in order to use a lavatory ...
Flight Suit
... A flight suit is a full body garment, worn while flying aircraft such as military airplanes, gliders and helicopters ... These suits are generally made to keep the wearer warm, as well as being practical (plenty of pockets), and durable (including fire retardant) ... A military flight suit may also show rank insignia ...

Famous quotes containing the word suit:

    Matrimonial devotion
    Doesn’t seem to suit her notion.
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    Elyot: It doesn’t suit women to be promiscuous.
    Amanda: It doesn’t suit men for women to be promiscuous.
    Noël Coward (1899–1973)

    How are we to know that a Dracula is a key-pounding pianist who lifts his hands up to his face, or that a bass fiddle is the doghouse, or that shmaltz musicians are four-button suit guys and long underwear boys?
    In New York City, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)