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Caroline Hodgson - Career As A Brothel Keeper
... decision to turn to brothel keeping in 1874 is unknown, but Historian Leanne Robinson suggests women had relatively few options open to them as a ... establishment of brothels in the Little Lon district, suggests she received financial backing from "friends in high places", a charge also made by Melbourne’s Truth ... Justin McCarthy also suggests the elite sex industry offered an attractive financial and social independence for women ...
Sadder - In Childhood
... Skynner suggests that if the mother cannot bear this and "dashes right in to relieve the child's distress every single time he shows any...the child is not getting a chance to learn how to ... of a sad mood is devaluing to her" and Selma Fraiberg suggests that it is important respecting a child's right to experience a loss fully and deeply ... Winnicott suggests that "when your infant shows that he can cry from sadness you can infer that he has travelled a long way in the development of his feelings...some people think that ...
Cluedo: Discover The Secrets - Criticism
... new game to the New Coke debacle in 1985 and suggests it is only a matter of time before Hasbro makes the correction ... In the mean time, he suggests that one should "borrow granny's ... accurate reflection of late-1940s society?" and suggests that "the appeal of these games is not that they reflect the real world, but that they take you away from it." ...
Manliness (book)
... he defines manliness as "confidence in a situation of risk" and suggests this quality is currently undervalued in Western society ... He suggests the quality is more common in men than in women, but doesn't strictly exclude women, for example he names Margaret Thatcher ... He also suggests the quality is "good and bad", not all good, but not all bad ...
Scalar Implicature
... the explicit or literal meaning of an utterance, and which suggests that the utterer had a reason for not using a more informative or stronger term on the same scale ... The choice of the weaker characterization suggests that, as far as the speaker knows, none of the stronger characterizations in the scale holds ... This is commonly seen in the use of 'some' to suggest the meaning 'not all', even though 'some' is logically consistent with 'all' ...

Famous quotes containing the word suggests:

    The passions seldom give good advice but to the interested and mercenary. Resentment generally suggests bad measures. Second thoughts and good nature will rarely, very rarely, approve the first hints of anger.
    Horace Walpole (1717–1797)

    The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one.
    —Jean De La Bruyère (1645–1696)

    This unlettered man’s speaking and writing are standard English. Some words and phrases deemed vulgarisms and Americanisms before, he has made standard American; such as “It will pay.” It suggests that the one great rule of composition—and if I were a professor of rhetoric I should insist on this—is, to speak the truth. This first, this second, this third; pebbles in your mouth or not. This demands earnestness and manhood chiefly.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)