• (adj): Having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome.
    Example: "A successful architect"; "a successful business venture"

Some articles on successful:

Ivan Caryll - Life and Career - 20th Century London Pieces
... After the turn of the century, Caryll wrote more successful scores, including The Messenger Boy (1900), The Toreador (1901) (with well over 600 performances), The ... Still, they continued to work together, producing the successful The Spring Chicken (1905), The Little Cherub (1906), The New Aladdin (1906), The Girls of ...
National Space Organization - Sounding Rocket Program
... Mission Date Payload Result SR-I December 15, 1998 None Successful first test flight ... ignition failure, mission lost SR-III December 24, 2003 Tri-Methyl Aluminum (TMA) Mission successful SR-IV December 14, 2004 Airglow photometer, GPS receiver Mission successful SR-V January 15, 2006 Ion ...
E. O. Smith High School - Senior Projects
... and will grade the project upon completion as either highly successful, successful, or not yet successful ... A minimum grade of successful is needed for graduation ...
Culture Of Denmark - Performing Arts - Theatre
... Since the 18th century, Danish playwrights have been successful in attracting wide public interest ... Especially successful was his Earl Hakon the Mighty, premiered in 1808 ... Danish musicals have also been a particularly successful feature of the modern theatre ...
Save Me The Waltz - Plot
... Knight becomes a successful painter, and the family moves to the Riviera where Knight begins an affair with an actress ... Determined to be successful in her own right, Alabama decides to become a ballet dancer and devotes herself relentlessly to the cause, eventually achieving success ... Though outwardly successful, Alabama and David are miserable ...

Famous quotes containing the word successful:

    The only successful revolution of this century is totalitarianism.
    Bernard-Henri Levy (b. 1948)

    However backwards the world has been in former ages in the discovery of such points as GOD never meant us to know,—we have been more successful in our own days:Mthousands can trace out now the impressions of this divine intercourse in themselves, from the first moment they received it, and with such distinct intelligence of its progress and workings, as to require no evidence of its truth.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    So successful has been the camera’s role in beautifying the world that photographs, rather than the world, have become the standard of the beautiful.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)